General Questions

Can I arrange for another person, such as my spouse or migration agent, to act on my behalf and receive information related to my application? This includes information provided via phone, email, and post.

If you wish to nominate another party or person to act on your behalf, and receive information related to your application, both parties are required to complete and return an Authority to act form. Once an authority to act is nominated, only the authority to act will receive ADC communications.

This form must be sent to the ADC by post to retain all the original signatures. The ADC will not accept forms returned via email or fax.

An authority to act remains in force for the period of a single application and any examination associated with it. You will need to submit a new Authority to Act form with each new application.

Where do I post my application and supporting documentation?

You should post applications to the address nominated on your application form.

Can I submit my application, or any associated documents by email or fax?


The ADC requires certified copies of documents in order to process your application. This means all documents need to be sent via post to retain the original certification and signatures.

Documents sent by email or fax will not be processed.

How do I notify the ADC if I’ve changed my contact details?

You should notify the ADC of any changes to your contact details via the Notification of change of contact details form.

I do not live in Australia. Who can certify my documents?

The ADC has prepared its Certification of documents guidelines which outline the acceptable certifiers. 

These include:

  • justice of the peace
  • public notary
  • Australian consular officer or Australian diplomatic officer
  • employee of the Commonwealth of Australia or the Australian Trade Commission.

You can view the guidelines here

I’ve changed address. Do I need to let the ADC know?

It is your responsibility to notify the ADC of any changes to your contact information.

If you have changed your contact details, notify us as soon as possible using the Notification of change of contact details form. You can download the form here

The ADC will not accept responsibility for the non-receipt of correctly addressed emails, correspondence or other communications.

For applicants living in India, Africa or the Middle East, please allow four to six weeks for mail travel to and from Australia.