Dentist assessments


The dentist assessment process assesses the knowledge, judgement, clinical skills, and professional competencies of overseas-trained dentists seeking eligibility to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA), and whose qualifications are not otherwise approved for registration. 

The format of the assessment and examination process has been approved for the purposes of registration in Australia. It consists of three stages: an initial assessment, a written examination, and a practical examination. 

Assessments process diagram_Overview.png

1. Initial assessment

The initial assessment process involves the assessment of documents including professional qualifications, work experience, registration history, and good standing to determine eligibility to sit the written examination. 

Timeframe: Approximately 8 weeks, not including time taken to submit any additional documents.

Cost: AUD $610

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2. Written examination

The written examination is designed provide candidates an opportunity to demonstrate they ‘know how’ to practice dentistry in Australia by assessing your:

  • knowledge of the science and practice of dentistry, and
  • clinical judgement and reasoning skills relevant to dental practice in Australia.

The examination is held over two days in multiple locations in Australia and overseas. Candidates are eligible to sit the written examination if they hold a valid initial assessment.

Timeframe: Approximately five months
Cost: AUD $2,000

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3. Practical examination

The practical examination is the platform for candidates to demonstrate they have the professional competence to perform safely in the role of a dentist in Australia and assesses candidates across the professional competencies of the newly qualified dentist.

The examination is held over two days and consists of a technical skills day and a clinical skills day. The examination is held at the ADC examination centre in Melbourne, Australia. 

Candidates are eligible to sit the practical examination within three years of successful completion of a written examination. 

As the final step in the assessment process, candidates are eligible to apply for registration with the DBA upon successful completion of the practical examination. 

Timeframe: Approximately six to nine months.
Costs: AUD $4,500

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