Skills assessment


The Australian Dental Council (ADC) has been authorised by the Australian Department of Home Affairs as the assessing authority for overseas trained dentists who intend to migrate to Australia. Overseas trained dentists who intend on migrating to Australia should contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs to find out if a skills assessment will be a requirement of their visa application. If so, this assessment is undertaken through the assessment of professional documents and work experience.

Who should apply for a skills assessment?

You may need to apply for a skills assessment if:

  1. you have completed a general dental qualification in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or New Zealand
  2. you have completed a general dental qualification in Canada after March 2010, and are certified by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada
  3. you are an overseas resident and have completed a general dental qualification in Australia
  4. you are an overseas qualified dentist applying for a specific visa scheme

and you require a skills assessment as part of an Australian visa application. 

Dentists intending to migrate to Australia, should contact the Department of Home Affairs to determine if a skills assessment is required for their visa application. 


The skills assessment process generally involves the assessment of certified documentation and professional experience. 

In some cases, usually related to specific visa schemes, overseas trained dentists may be required to complete the full ADC assessment process in order to register to practise with the DBA. 

If you have completed a general dental qualification in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia or Canada, as indicated above, you will need to download and complete the Application for initial assessment of overseas qualified dental practitioner form

1. Complete an application

To complete a skills assessment, you need to submit an Application for initial assessment of overseas qualified practitioner  form.

The following documents must be submitted with your application:

  • current passport (high quality colour copy)
  • evidence of change of name (if applicable)
  • dental qualification, official certificate or testamur
  • academic transcript
  • internship certificate (if applicable)
  • evidence of registration or licence to practise dentistry
  • two written professional references
  • evidence of practice or work history as a registered or licensed dentist.

You do not need to certify these documents for your application.

Submit the complete application and additional documents to the postal address on the form.

Please do not send original documents as we cannot return these to you. We ask you provide an official English translation for any documents issued in a language other than English. Please refer to the Translation of documents guidelines for more information about document translation.

You are also responsible for arranging a certificate, or letter, of good standing. This must be sent directly to the ADC from the organisation responsible for regulating dental registration or dental licence in your country of practice. Due to COVID-19, we are accepting digital copies of your certificate/letter of good standing. This must be emailed directly from the registering authority to the ADC.

Please ensure the registering authority includes their contact details and a statement outlining why they cannot post or courier this document.

If your supporting documents have different names or different versions of your name you will need to provide evidence. Evidence must be a legal change of name document, issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages, or an official change of name by deed poll. Newspaper or gazette articles, affidavits of statutory declarations are not considered legal evidence.

Once your application form and supporting documentation are received, you will be assigned an ADC reference number. You should include your reference number whenever you contact the ADC.

2. Receive an outcome from the ADC

The ADC will notify candidates of the outcomes of their skills assessments via email. 

It is recommended candidates contact the Department of Home Affairs to determine the next steps in the visa process. 

According to the Department of Home Affairs, a skills assessment is valid three years from the date of issue. If your skills assessment lapses, you should contact the ADC if you wish to have your letter reissued. In this instance, an administrative fee will apply.