Raising a concern

Concerns about accredited programs

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) welcomes concerns from the public regarding accredited programs. This is one source of information which can help us ensure accredited programs meet the ADC/Dental Council (New Zealand) Accreditation Standards for Dental Practitioner Programs  (the Standards). These Standards help ensure only those dental practitioners suitably trained and qualified to practise in a competent and ethical manner are eligible for registration in Australia. 

The How to raise a concern about an accredited program guide contains more information on the concerns we can consider and the process we follow. You can download the guide here. Our Concerns about accredited programs policy also contains information on the process. This policy is available here

If you are unsure whether to raise a concern, or if we are the correct organisation to raise your concern with, please call us on the number below for an informal discussion. We are happy to discuss the issue with you and provide advice. 

To raise a concern, please complete our concerns form. The completed form can be emailed via the email address on the form, or sent to PO Box 13278, Law Courts, Vic 8010, Australia. 

If you are unable to put your concerns into writing due to a disability, please call us on +61 (0) 3 9657 1777 to discuss how we can help.