Education provider process

Application for initial accreditation

Programs allowing graduates to apply for registration as a dental practitioner with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) are accredited by the ADC. This includes programs leading to endorsement of registration. 

The process to accredit an education and training program that leads to registration as a dental practitioner is outlined in the ADC accreditation guidelines for dental practitioner programs. These guidelines can be viewed here

An education provider, such as a University, TAFE or College, seeking accreditation for a new program, must first submit a notice of intent to the ADC. For more information regarding the notice of intent process, please contact the ADC.

Once the notice of intent is accepted, a site visit is organised. Prior to the site visit, the education provider is asked to provide a written self-assessment explaining how the program to be accredited meets the accreditation standards. This is completed using the ADC submission template.

Education providers should be aware it takes up to 12 months to complete the accreditation process. Once the ADC has determined that a course is accredited, a decision must then be made by the DBA to approve or not approve the program for the purpose of registration. Providers must await the approval decision prior to commencing a program.

The ADC is not responsible for accrediting continuing professional development courses. Further information regarding these courses can be found via the DBA’s website

Re-accreditation of programs

The ADC will contact an education provider 12 to 18 months before a program’s accreditation is due to expire to organise the re-accreditation process.

Fees for the accreditation of programs

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There are fees associated with the accreditation of programs in Australia. Below provides an overview of these fees.


Initial accreditation fees of new programs*


Program typeFee (GST incl.)
Dental program$44,000
Oral health therapy program$33,000
Dental hygienist, dental therapist and dental prosthetist programs$16,500
Specialist programs$16,500
Program for endorsement$16,500

*In certain circumstances, the initial accreditation fee may be reduced for programs being resubmitted for accreditation. Please contact the ADC for more information.

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Annual accreditation fees


Program typeFee (GST incl.)
Dental program$19,800
Dental program being phased out$12,100
Oral health therapy program $12,100
Dental hygienist and dental therapist programs$8,250
Prosthetist program$6,600
Specialist programs** $5,500
Program for endorsement$5,500




** Providers of specialist programs are changed $5,500 for the first specialist program and an additional $1,100 for each subsequent specialist dental practitioner program.

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Review fees



Fee (GST incl.)
Independent review of recommendations and decisions$8,000
Independent complaint panel$5,000