Policies - The Australian Dental Council

Corporate policies

Code of conduct – assessors, examiners, and item writers

The Code of conduct – assessors, examiners, and item writers identifies the responsibilities of an assessor, examiner, and item writer when acting as, or when perceived to be acting as, a representative of the ADC.

Code of conduct – assessors, examiners, and item writers (PDF, 166KB)

Complaints management framework

The Complaints management framework provides a summary of how complaints are managed at the Australian Dental Council.

ADC Complaints management framework (PDF, 258KB)

Complaints policy

The Complaints policy sets out the process for handling complaints about the ADC.

ADC Complaints policy (PDF, 63KB)

Privacy policy

The Privacy policy outlines how we collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information.

ADC Privacy policy (PDF, 72KB)

Whistleblower policy

The Whistleblower Policy outlines the process for whistleblowers to make a complaint in accordance with Australian whistleblower legislation. 

ADC Whistleblower policy (PDF, 182KB)