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Program accreditation

The ADC is responsible for accrediting dentistry education and training programs. Accreditation protects the public by ensuring only suitably trained and qualified health practitioners can register and practise in Australia.

To be accredited a program must meet the accreditation standards. Education providers must also show how students will be assessed as having the knowledge, skills, and professional competencies needed to be eligible to apply for registration in Australia.

We also accredit programs leading to endorsement of registration for dental practitioners. The only area of practise recognised by the Dental Board of Australia for endorsement of registration is conscious sedation.

Accredited programs

An overview of the programs accredited by the ADC and the Standards and competencies used in the accreditation process.

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Information about our process for accrediting or re-accrediting dental practitioner programs.

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Information on the roles and responsibilities of the Accreditation Team.

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Information about our research and how we use the findings to drive improvement, encourage engagement, and inform decision making.

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Additional information

Access resources, policies, and fee information related to the accreditation of dental practitioner programs in Australia.

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