Research - The Australian Dental Council


At the ADC research supports our vision to be a leader in accreditation and assessment, nationally and internationally.

It drives improvement, informs decision making, and facilitates engagement. By establishing an evidence base, research helps anticipate future needs and bridge gaps by addressing important issues. It improves the role we play as an accreditation authority and assesses our effectiveness under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS).

Research helps inform the core sections of our business, the accreditation of programs leading to registration as a dental practitioner in Australia and the assessment of overseas trained dental professionals. Findings from our research contribute to work across the ADC, including the development and review of our policies, standards, and processes.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes

Research on understanding the role accreditation plays in improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes.

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Consumer involvement

Research investigating the role consumers play in the design and delivery of assessments and examinations.  

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Preparation for practice

Research on the preparedness of Australian dental practitioner program graduates to practise.

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Accreditation evaluation framework

Research on understanding and evaluating the impact of dental program accreditation.

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