Verifications, reviews and appeals


The Australian Dental Council (ADC) verification process is available to candidates who fail the written or practical examination. Candidates can use this process to request the ADC verify the accuracy of the result. 

The Verification of written examination results policy and the Verification of practical examination results policy provide more information on the verification process. 

Reviews and appeals

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) has an appeals policy for the written and practical examination stages of the assessment process. 

Reviews against the examination procedures can be made on the basis that there has been an alleged breach in the administrative process.

If a candidate wishes to proceed with a review this must be forwarded in writing to the ADC within 28 days from the date of notification of the results of the relevant examination, and be accompanied by the associated fee and any relevant supporting documentation or statements.

The review will be referred to a Review Panel (the Panel), made up of four members of the ADC Assessment Committee, including the Chair and the ADC Chief Executive Officer, who will review the process and the decision made.

The Panel will make a recommendation to the ADC and the candidate will be advised of the outcome within six weeks of the review being lodged.

If the candidate is dissatisfied with the decision of the Panel, the candidate may make an Application for independent appeal.

The application is then considered by an Independent Appeals Committee (IAC). Following consideration of the case, the IAC will deliver its decision to the ADC and the ADC will advise the candidate of the appeal outcome.

Forms for verifications, reviews and appeals can be found here


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Appeal against the outcome of the initial assessment$610
Verification of dental written examination result $120
Verification of dental practical examination result$120
Application for review - written examination$950

Application for review - practical examination 

Independent appeal committee - written examination$5,000
Independent appeal committee - practical examination$5,000