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Verification, review and appeals

Candidates may wish to submit a verification, review, or appeal during the dental practitioner assessment process.

You can apply for a verification, review, or appeal via your ADC Connect portal.

This process does not involve the re-scoring or re-assessment of your examination performance. Detailed performance scores in the different components of the examination and/or examination questions and answers, are also not released to candidates.


A verification of examination outcomes is performed when you wish to obtain confirmation that your examination results accurately reflect our records. The process consists of a comparison of the results displayed on the candidate portal with the original results on file, to ensure these have been reported correctly and there are no discrepancies.

Review and appeal

The review or appeal of an assessment or examination outcome is a two-staged process. The process involves either a Review Panel (review stage) or an Independent Appeals Committee (appeals stage).  The Review Panel or Independent Appeals Committee reviews the assessment or examination process undertaken and determines whether there have been any procedural errors that may have adversely impacted a candidate.

Applications for review and appeal can be submitted only on the basis that there has been an alleged breach or error in the administrative process used.

You can submit an Application for Verification and an Application for Review at the same time, as the two processes have different purposes and can occur concurrently.

An Application for Appeal can only be submitted following determination of a review, by a candidate who remains dissatisfied with the review decision.

More information

Before applying for a verification, review, or appeal, we strongly advise that you carefully read the Assessments and Examinations Verification, Review and Appeals Policy (PDF, 305KB).

Applications must be submitted via ADC Connect within the specified timeframe. They must include any relevant supporting documentation and be accompanied by the stipulated fee. Applications will not be processed until the fee has been received. Our Fees page has more information on the fees associated for verifications, reviews, and appeals.