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Changes introduced to the initial assessment process

Changes introduced to the initial assessment process
19 October 2021 byron.carr

At the Australian Dental Council we are committed to constantly reviewing our processes to ensure they are efficient and effective. In response to candidate feedback we are pleased to announce changes to our initial assessment process.

Effective immediately, this new process allows for a more streamlined and efficient processing of initial assessment applications. It reduces the requirements for candidates and will improve processing times.

Certification of documents

All candidates completing an initial assessment or skills assessment no longer need to certify their documents. This is consistent with the application processes of other state and federal government departments.

Required documents

We have changed the required documents for candidates completing an initial assessment for registration. Candidates only need to provide the following information as part of their application:

  • Current passport (high quality colour copy)
  • Passport photo
  • Evidence of change of name (if required)
  • Dental qualification, official certificate, or testamur
  • Academic transcript
  • Evidence of registration or licence to practise dentistry.

This means evidence of total theoretical and clinical hours, course start and finish dates, work experience, professional references and work history is no longer required.

The requirement to submit evidence of total theoretical and clinical hours has also been removed for candidates completing a skills assessment or a skills and initial assessment, however all other requirements remain unchanged.

You must still provide a certificate, or letter, of good standing with your application. This must be sent directly to the ADC from the organisation responsible for regulating dental registration or dental licence in your country of practice. Due to COVID-19, we are accepting digital copies of your certificate/letter of good standing. This must be emailed directly from the registering authority to the ADC.

Applications and additional documents pending processing

Initial assessment applications that are currently being processed will be assessed under the new process. These changes will not impact their place in the processing queue.

For applications with pending additional documents, our team is reviewing these applications against the new process. This means that some candidates will no longer need to provide additional documents for their application. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and we will provide you with an updated outcome letter after the review.

We will contact candidates with pending initial assessment applications, or additional documents, with more information on how these changes affect them.

Application processing

Our assessments and examinations team have permission to work form the office during the current Victorian Government restrictions. The team has been working hard, in challenging circumstances, to process the current backlog of applications and provide you with an application outcome.

Our COVIDSafety and dental practitioner assessments a dashboard showing which applications the team are currently assessing. We strongly recommend candidates continue to check this page for the most up to date information on initial applications.

We would like to thank all of our candidates for their continued patience and support during this difficult time.