Initial assessments now available in ADC Connect - The Australian Dental Council

Initial assessments now available in ADC Connect

Initial assessments now available in ADC Connect
24 February 2022 byron.carr

On 24 February the Australian Dental Council launched the online initial assessment section of ADC Connect.

This is the last step in the launch of ADC Connect for candidates. No matter where you are in the process, you will be able to interact with the ADC across each stage of the dental practitioner assessment process online, in-real time.

New candidates

New candidates wishing to complete the dental practitioner assessment process, or a skills assessment, can now do so via ADC Connect.

New candidates will be required to create their ADC Connect account and verify their email address before starting a new application. Our Creating an ADC Connect account video walks you through how to create a new ADC Connect account.

Once your account is created and email verified, you can start an application for initial assessment. More information on the process is available via our dental practitioner assessment pages. We have also created an instructional video to walk you through how to complete an initial assessment application via ADC Connect.

Pending initial assessments

If you have an initial assessment or renewal application in progress, please do not create a new ADC Connect account. You will be invited to activate your account at a later date.

If you submitted a paper-based initial assessment, skills assessment, or renewal application before 24 February 2022, this will be entered into ADC Connect and processed by our team. This includes initial assessment applications currently in transit.

We are still working through paper-based initial assessment applications. These are being assessed in chronological order of receipt and will be processed before any new applications received via ADC Connect.

We will email you an invitation to activate your ADC Connect account once we have assessed your application. Please do not create an ADC Connect profile or submit a new initial assessment.

Candidates who submitted an initial assessment after 15 November 2021 will receive their Candidate ID once their initial assessment application has been assessed.

More information

More information on how to create a new ADC Connect account and completing an initial assessment application is available via our video library and YouTube channel. If you have any questions about ADC Connect, or the initial assessment process, please contact us via the form on our Contact page.