The ADC Candidate Forum 2023 - The Australian Dental Council

The ADC Candidate Forum 2023

The ADC Candidate Forum 2023
6 March 2024 [email protected]

The inaugural ADC Candidate Forum happened on Monday 27 November 2023. We were lucky to have the following luminaries speak on a variety of topics:

Host: Dr. Trini Jacial Lillo

  • Focus on infection control practices in Australia – Dr Glenda Farmer
  • Practising dentistry in metropolitan vs rural settings – Dr Martin Hall
  • Providing care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities – Kellie Gleeson
  • AHPRA registration process – Mark Ford and Adj A/Prof Ben Keith
  • How the Australian Dental Association supports candidates to successfully practise in Australia – Dr Scott Davis
  • Dental practitioner support program – Annie Williams

If you missed the Forum itself, you can now view the full video below.



We hope you enjoy watching. We’re busy planning the Candidate Forum for 2024 and if you have any topics that you would like covered, please email [email protected]